Friday, November 23, 2012

Losing that Thanksgiving weight

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I, like many Americans am thinking about what I have to do now to get back on track.  As I type this blog my stomach is pressing so tight against my pants it hurts and I can't breathe!  I have finished my second day of indulging in the delights that come with the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am thankful for the holiday but I am also thankful that it only comes once a year!  I can safely say that I have came, saw and conquered and am ready to return back to my normalcy, without the extra weight!  If you are like me and gave into the temptation, now is the time to counteract it!

It is estimated that the average American eats approximately 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day.  And for me, just about as long as there are leftovers, I am tempted.  So if you enjoyed that meal two days in a row, like me, that is a total of 9,000 calories. So let's do the math and calculate the damage.  We will be generous on the recommended daily calorie allowance amounts and say for a woman 2,000 calories and for a man 2,700 is the normal amount of  daily calories that can be ate without gaining weight.  If you managed to only do one day of damage, as a woman you are over by 2,500 calories (if you indulged two days in a row you are over 5,000 calories) and for a man you are over 2,000 calories for one day (and if you indulged two days you are over 3,600).  At this point I am jealous of the men's extra led way.

So what can we do?  The most important part about maintaining weight or losing weight is just about being mindful, conscience of what you are doing and being on top of what is going on with your body.  It is about being vigilant, not to the point of obsession but to the point that you can live your life, enjoy a break in pace, like a holiday, then understand where you stand when it's all done and therefore know the "damage" so that you can best figure out how to get yourself back out of the "negative". 

If you know me or follow me enough, you will soon catch on to my lingo.  I talk about calories and food like money and shopping.  Basically what I can afford (what I can eat), how much I have to save before I can afford it (how many calories I have to put aside if I want to eat something) and  how much I have to work to pay for it (if I have already ate it - like putting the calories on credit :), how many workouts (credit payments) I have to make to make up for it.  Therefore, I may say, I can't afford that (because I don't have enough calories).

So now that we know where we stand, how many calories we have went over/ "over spent"  the holiday doesn't have to stay on your waist line.  Because I ate two days worth, I am looking at needing to work off 5,000 calories.  Take your amount and divide that amount by 1,000 (we are going to cut 500 calories from our regular calorie intake amount (unless that pushes you under 1,200 calories- you can not go under 1,200 calories a day, that is the absolute minimum to maintain your bodily functions) and we are going to commit to burning 500 calories from working out (cardio, weight-training, whatever combination.)  So for me (5,000/1,000= # of days) that's 5 days to get back to my normal.

There you have it!  Only 5 days until I am back on track!  And I'm on the worse case scenario.  Hopefully you only had Thanksgiving one day.  Haha.  So let's get to it!  Don't settle with the bloat and tight pants!  We all had our "fun", enjoyed our family, enjoyed the good food, and that is what life is about, letting go sometimes!   But it is no excuse to fall off and by doing the math and being real with ourselves, we can see that getting back on track is only a few days away!

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